The Road Less Taken

Have you ever felt suffocated while in the company of your friends, have you ever felt left out and not paid attention to? Have you ever felt lonely in a room full of people? If you have it’s alright, I’ve been there and I know you are questioning everything you’ve known so far in life….

Why we lost

You were everything that I asked for and more, but why do I feel this way. We are growing apart every day, we try speaking our heart out but fail immediately. Some days I dread your call, but I still want to know how your day went. Every day I hope for an answer, “What…


I wish to be the dream, the dream that you try remembering when you wake up, but fail. I wish to be the shooting star that to want to wish upon but faded too fast. I wish to be the flower that you cherished, But dried too early. I wish to be that familiar face…

2019 Reading

My reading challenge for this year and hey there, how you doin!

The List

The list that remained just a list.